Meet the Leadership Team

The NLI mission is audacious: To find and operationalize the most effective and efficient methods of building human habits at scale.

The result: Companies, nonprofits, and government agencies the world over become more inclusive, innovative, and productive.

Meet the leadership team behind all this below.

David Rock headshot

Dr. David Rock

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Lisa Rock headshot

Lisa Rock

Co-Founder & Company Director

Rahul Swali headshot

Rahul Swali

Chief of Finance & Operations

Nichole Hoskins headshot

Nichole Hoskins

Global Head of People

Conor McCullagh headshot

Conor McCullagh

Managing Director, International Markets

Drew Sumter headshot

Drew Sumter

Vice President, Client Experience

Marshall Bergmann headshot

Rachel Cardero

Vice President, Consulting & Practices

Marshall Bergmann headshot

Marshall Bergmann

Senior Vice President, Global Sales

Michaela Simpson, Ph.D. headshot

Michaela Simpson, Ph.D.

Vice President, Global Research

Alyssa Abkowitz headshot

Alyssa Abkowitz

Vice President, Global Content & Product

Evynn McFalls headshot

Evynn McFalls

Vice President, Marketing & Brand