Mitigate unconscious bias and make effective decisions.

Make informed, effective, and confident decisions when it matters most

Empower Your Team

Truly mitigate unconscious bias at scale by removing it from process, not people, to make better business decisions.

Develop a Common Language

Create a shared understanding that if you have a brain, you have bias, and develop a common language across your teams.

Build Shared Habits

Provide your team with the tools to build habits to accept, label and mitigate unconscious bias in the moment by using The SEEDS Model™.

Engage Your People

Build smarter teams by getting intentional about mitigating biases, finding your blind spots, and eliminating groupthink.

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More than 50% of the Fortune 100 trust NLI to transform their organizations.

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After 30 days of DECIDE, 96% of 482 participants in a global healthcare firm mitigate bias in people & business decisions at least once a week.

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Activate Habits

Use science to create lasting behavior change at scale


Identify what type of unconscious bias you may be experiencing.


Implement strategies to mitigate the impact of bias.


Implement strategies to engage your team.